• Eilyn Cueto Started in Design at a Young Age

  • Posted on March 07, 2018
  • It seems to be that Eilyn Cueto was practically born with a commitment to the field of interior design. It certainly started at a very young age, in any case. Eilyn was born and raised in Miami, where her father would take her to the local Home Depot, where she would proceed to convince him that her mother had allowed her to buy the paint needed to paint her bedroom, after which she would lock her bedroom door, paint the room and then move everything in the room around in a new and different way.

    Eilyn Cueto

    Even in her younger years, Eilyn Cueto did this a few times every year and she realizes, and she now realizes her passion for design started when she was very young. She did a lot when she was young; she even graduated high school at 16, which means she wasn’t sure what she should do with her life. Her practical side though about becoming a lawyer, but her heart was elsewhere, so she traveled for a time, to figure out where her passions lay. She fell in love with Costa Rica and spent almost 6 years there, studying architecture and interior design.

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